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First Reviews Are Out.

The first reviews are starting to come out for my debut album. I was a little worried about the response, I put so much into this project and no one likes rejection.  The majority have been really positive so far and I couldn’t be happier about that unless I want to get really greedy of course and expect all perfect scores. 🙂

I know an artist’s worth is not measured in a review. If I read every review before I bought an album, my personal music collection would not be what it is today. These first reviews however mean a lot to me and are only one step of many as I push forward to accomplish what is next for Perry Project.

One reason the reviews are very important is it helps validate this project beyond what just me or some friends have to say about it. Validation is a very important next step. I want this project to be heard by as many that are willing to listen, I want to start a movement with this project (I know, I dream big).



“The CD is very good and I would listen to the next album this band put out. 4/5.” – Laura Turner – Indie Shark

“Brilliantly moves like an ocean across the ears. 7/10.” – Cyrus Rhodes – Indie Music Digest

“Perry has all the creativity and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous. 4.5/5.Heather Noble – Gig Band

“The opening songs make this worth having for sure. 8/10.” – Gary Hill – Indie Artist Alliance

“The whole thing flows well from start to finish. 9/10.” Brian White – Rock N’ Roll View

“The dreamy, soaring sound of Ever Changing is so powerful. 8.5/10.” – Mary Angela Tobin – All Whats Rock

Music Emissions –  Steve Rafferty 8/10

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