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Run Away Will Release Digitally On…

April 1st 2016!

No, this is not an April fools joke.

Perry Project‘s newest single titled Run Away will be released exclusively on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and the Google play store on Friday, April 1st.

This new single is a very important step in the band’s new direction musically. It represents the first song with contributions by the 5 new members who were officially added to the project in early 2015.

Run Away was recorded at Humans Win! in Minneapolis, MN. It was produced, engineered and mixed by Taylor Lewin. Run Away was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, NY by Greg Calbi.

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“Can’t Steal Soul” Is Out.

Hello all,

Yesterday my debut album titled “Can’t Steal Soul” was finally released!  The excitement, anticipation and encouragement from family, friends and fans has been extremely supportive and uplifting, thank you all.

I will be spending the next year or more playing out and promoting this album as much as I can. There is an animated video already in the works that Emily Fritze is working on  for “Newfound View” and is looking very promising, we sat and talked for quite a while about the story-line for it and we are so excited to share it with the world in the next few months.

Again, thank you all for giving my album a listen and sharing it, the response has been amazing so far.

‘Till the next time,

x Tracy Perry x





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