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Project Update. Now Seeking Members In The Minneapolis Metro Area.

In the coming months I will begin to pursue adding band members, there will be no better time in my life than the months that lay ahead as I will be able to focus my ample efforts of making this dream of over 10 years a reality. The worst case scenario for me is if I decide to give up which I do not see as an option.

All I can truly hope is that the members that are eventually recruited will be all in as I am. To let the fans and future fans hear what the present and future of Perry Project is capable of will be the biggest gift I can ever dream of giving to anyone.

I am also looking for any other members who just simply dig what they are hearing and love to play and do shows.

I am seeking members to expand my sound beyond what it is now and to play shows to help promote “Can’t Steal Soul” and to eventually be part of the creative process and to create new tracks and eventually a new album as a band.

A little about me: My name is Tracy Perry Jr. and I am a passionate/socially awkward/person who is in my zone when I am creating music. I have melodies trapped in my head for most of the day and love creating lyrics and melodies to go with music.  I do play a little Rhythm acoustic guitar, it is predominately how I crafted the songs for “Can’t Steal Soul.” I have a little mini studio in my apartment where I like to record rough ideas or demos. I have about 40+ songs leftover and am eager to create more and expand the sound and feel of this project. I like to listen to just about everything and like playing the occasional video game.

Some of my influences include: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Oasis, Coldplay, The Smiths, Morrissey, Rogue Wave, Nada Surf, The Editors, Nirvana, Youth Group, Manic Street Preachers, Mew, Radiohead, Motown, 80’s and 90’s Rock, Brit-Rock, Pop, New Wave, Indie-Alternative. I am sure you can hear some of these influences on this album. I love some of the new stuff too and have a wide variety of taste such as MGMT, The Black Keys and Panic! At The Disco to name a couple.

I have a few music contacts already established in the Minneapolis area including some talented producers and publicity agency which this project is featured on, check it out HERE. “Can’t Steal Soul” has also been passed on to music supervisors recently who are responsible for placements of music on networks like MTV, ESPN and other major networks (fingers crossed).

I’ll have to admit writing this whole thing to recruit members is a bit of a drag, I just wish I had the right band put together already! But in all seriousness it is essential for me and the future members to be on the same page, plus it is my dream so I have no choice, I must follow it.

A little about what I am looking for. First and foremost I am looking for a co-frontman. Like how Morrissey had Johnny Marr or McCartney had Lennon etc. Someone to count on, can write interesting riffs and to basically co-front the band. I am looking for dedicated musicians who dig this style of music and can hear future potential as well. I am looking to expand my sound too. Maybe something even more upbeat with a punk rock folkie feel, who knows what a collaboration will bring. I love what bands Like the Black Keys and MGMT are doing. While I do play a little rhythm acoustic guitar (that’s how I write most of my songs, minus the few that were collaborations for the album) I am mainly looking to fill the lead singer role, however I am open to playing acoustic guitar or chords once in a while. I am looking for future members that are eager to practice and play shows starting off locally with a goal to eventually play in other states, with long-term goals of playing shows with other popular and national acts, and of-course has the dream of getting signed (with hard work, seriously, anything is possible).

Being internet savvy and helping to promote would be a huge plus, however I am aware that life and other work gets in the way sometimes but an effort every now and then once we get more established wouldn’t be too much to ask I hope.

If you are down to be part of a music project that already has a solid foundation but could use some growth. If you are down with practicing and playing shows and want to be involved in the songwriting process for a future follow up album. If you dig what you hear and can also see yourself part of this, great!


Lead Guitar/Co-frontman: Can play both electric and acoustic guitar. Can play solos and improvise. Has a great ear for tone. Willing to grow with the band/project.  Dedicated. Eager to play shows (eventually with practice) at least 2-3 times a week. Must be comfortable and confident playing with effects/delays/pedals etc. and be able to play songs off of “Can’t Steal Soul” with confidence. Must be passionate about the project and willing to help in the songwriting process for a follow-up album.  Back-up vocals or other instruments a plus. Experienced.

Rhythm Guitar: Must be able to play songs off of “Can’t Steal Soul.” Has a knack for creating rhythmic melodies (for future original songs for a follow-up album). Has confidence in ability. Back-up vocals or other instruments a plus.

Bassist: Loves to play the bass guitar to rock songs. Can play bass to songs off of “Can’t Steal Soul” confidently. Has an ability to improvise. Back-up vocals or other instruments a plus.

Keyboardist: Versatile. Can utilize multiple keyboards with different effects. Can improvise. Can play with songs off of “Can’t Steal Soul” confidently. Can play piano. Experienced.

Drummer: Experienced drummer who can tear these songs apart as well as contribute to any future material. Must be experienced and have live show experience.

Also looking for strings!


Send Inquiries to: contact[at]perryprojectmusic[dot]com –  Serious inquiries only.


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Stream “Can’t Steal Soul” On Spotify and Rdio! Buy on Amazon and iTunes!

Perry Project’s debut album “Can’t Steal Soul” is now available to stream on Spotify and Rdio! You can now purchase the album on Amazon and iTunes.

Also get Perry Project’s latest album from other retailers below:

Google Play
Direct Store (Physical Copy)
CD Baby (Digital and Physical Copy)

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“Can’t Steal Soul” Is Out.

Hello all,

Yesterday my debut album titled “Can’t Steal Soul” was finally released!  The excitement, anticipation and encouragement from family, friends and fans has been extremely supportive and uplifting, thank you all.

I will be spending the next year or more playing out and promoting this album as much as I can. There is an animated video already in the works that Emily Fritze is working on  for “Newfound View” and is looking very promising, we sat and talked for quite a while about the story-line for it and we are so excited to share it with the world in the next few months.

Again, thank you all for giving my album a listen and sharing it, the response has been amazing so far.

‘Till the next time,

x Tracy Perry x





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