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Some Good News!

On April 23rd, 2015 we had the opportunity to play Anthem’s International Music Festival  to represent Minneapolis at the Acadia Pub. This was a unique opportunity to not only play for a couple of charities, (Children of South Africa – and Musary, a music lending library located in Boston – but to also play our first live show as a 6 peice band. Overall, we had a fantastic time and we got to share the stage with 5 other fantastic performers as well as represent our city. For those who are newer to the realm of this project it started off as a solo-acoustic act over 10 years ago, so this was a huge deal for the band and I.

Perry Project's first show as a 6 piece band.

One of the other cool things about this festival,  is the organiser’s put together a way to get the regional acts noticed. Other major cities are hosting this festival and many other acts are also playing this festival. If you are chosen as a city representative you get to move onto a “regional face-off” (more details here) where you are put up against approximately 70 market champs. Well, just a few days ago we received an email…

Our judge selected Perry Project as our City Representative, so congratulations!! This means Perry Project will be moving on to the Regional Round which will take place online in October…Thank you and again congratulations!!

We are happy to say we got chosen to represent Minneapolis! Final voting begins in October and The IMF champion will receive an all-expense paid international tour.  We are very optimistic about this and honored (check out our IMF artists page).  We will need your help come October to make what appears to be a dream, a reality. A big thank you goes to Paige Fults of The Anthem Group who helped everyone so diligently to set this event up.

More Later…


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We are playing the IMF in Minneapolis. Get Your Tickets!

We are happy to announce that we are going to be a part of the International Music Festival (IMF) at the Acadia in Minneapolis. Tickets are $10 and all net proceeds from ticket sales go to the charities CHOSA (Children of South Africa – and Musary (a music lending library located in Boston – The event takes place at the Acadia Pub located on 329 Cedar Ave S in Minneapolis on Thursday, April 23rd. Doors open at 8:00PM and the event kicks off at 8:30PM. We will be sharing the stage with some great acts.  See you all soon!

*** When purchasing tickets put “Perry Project” in the comments section while checking out to let the promoters know who you are supporting!! You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE.  Ages 21+ ***

Join the Facebook group for this event by clicking HERE.

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