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Watch The Video For ‘Run Away’

Directed by Redbeard  // Cinematographer – A.J. Ovio and Kin Lui

Starring – Aurora Brown and David Kurtz

Mixed by Michael H Brauer // Engineered by Steve Vealey // Mastered by Joe LaPorta

Produced by Taylor Lewin and Tracy Perry // Recorded at Humans Win!

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Watch The Music Video For “Safety Signs.”

The new video for “Safety Signs” is out! After throwing around many ideas about what the video should be about, LeAnn Crowe and I decided that old footage was the most appropriate way of expressing the vibe of the song. LeAnn painstakingly pieced together a bunch of archived footage in an attempt to tell a story, as the video says, about the importance of “communication between man and machine” using vintage footage of coarse. I hope you all enjoy it.


– Perry –

Video Edited by Leann Crowe.
Footage taken from the Prelinger archives, NASA archives and creative commons.

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Watch The Animated Video For “Newfound View.”

After about a year in the making of frame-by-frame animation, the music video for “Newfound View” is complete! A big thanks to Emily Fritze for all the hard work. It’s not easy being a freelancer in the city. Enjoy!



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Animated Video Progress.

As you may have recalled in one of my previous posts from last year, the ever so talented Emily Fritze of Minneapolis is working hard on creating a music video for “Newfound View.” We are both very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with the world.  We both crafted a cool story that will unfold throughout this imaginary world where strange creatures exists.

Newfound View Creatures

Emily has really outdone herself and has spent numerous hours crafting the art and animation being used and I always tell her  “I wish I had your artistic drawing ability.” You can say I am a fan of her style and originality.  The thing is, when I draw something that I am thinking about, no matter how hard I try, it NEVER looks right. Even after trying for almost 2 years as a kid growing up. She has a talent that’s for sure, one that she works on constantly and all the hard work / hours she puts in shows it. In fact, she created my band logo, helped with my album art and most of the art seen throughout this site.

Below shows a transition scene for the work-in-progress video, “Newfound View.”


Look for the music video in the coming months. In the meantime check out EMILY’S ANIMATION BLOG and WEBSITE.




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