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Note to Self (Old Blog Post Series 1)

From time to time I will be posting some of my old blogs that I use to write when I was actively writing blogs on Myspace. Since Myspace has taken away that feature I figured I would add them here. To some, you have already read these, but too many more these are new. I will also post some older photos within the old blogs to give a more nostalgic vibe (that’s the plan anyway) Enjoy!

– Tracy Perry –

Note To Self (From January 16th 2011)

So does describing yourself in pre-meditated data, such as an about me, or things related, really determine 100 percent who you are as a person? My argument is no. The reason being that I arrive at such determination is because if you have lived on this great planet earth for some time like I have, you will find that to some people, you are never good enough. But damn, my about me that describes just how freaking perfect I am as a person says otherwise…hmmmm. Well sorry Captain Reader reading this. Some people find you unattractive, repulsive, ignorant, and fake. It’s only on internet social sites you are cool to all, until of coarse that dreaded “block” button is pressed. That will show you how unimportant you are to the world. Knowing this fact of life however at first was just a tragedy, I was in denial about my ability as a person to be not liked or repeatedly judged time and time again for pretty much simple mistakes or personality malfunctions. But the cog in the ever turning gear of life began to start turning once again.
My train of thought tells me that people have different day to day moods. Or maybe it’s just me who wakes up on the wrong side of bed, maybe I have wrong side of the bed syndrome, a doctor I’m sure has a medication for that type of disease. If he doesn’t than I should hate him for not having it, because surely it’s his fault for not creating it by now, surely. Please note that sarcasm takes place throughout this misguided peace of verbiage. New pickup lines consist of “damn, if only there was a like button on you” – or my new favorite – “if you were on Facebook, I’d friend the shit out of you.” You know what I need? A news ticker above my head so all my random thoughts are there for the world to see, that would be so awesome and socially acceptable I wouldn’t even have to speak. “Read my sign bitch, I’m doing laundry.” It would create an ever so loving atmosphere of people just nodding at each other’s willingness to go public just like a stock except you gain nothing out of it except maybe a thumbs up? Anyway the truth is, this was all written out of pure boredom and should only be taken as purely entertainment, every damn thing needs a warning label and this brilliant masterpiece is no exception to the rule. Keep on rocking. I in no way endorse these type of thoughts even though I wrote it. Peace, Love, and chocolate muffins.

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