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Help Us Make New Music!

Hello Friends,

Surprise! We are working on new music for our new, yet to be titled, EP to be released hopefully by the middle of 2017. After being in the studio with this project since the middle of 2016 the funds started drying up. Sadly, we have reached a point in the recording process where we now realize this progress may have to come to an end due to a lack of funds. We tried really hard to fund this ourselves and already put some good, hard earned money into it. It has come to a point where we need to swallow our pride and ask anyone who is able and willing to help us make new music!

We have set up a GoFundMe account to help this project move forward! We have seen many successful GoFundMe campaigns succeed and are confident we are making the right decision for our music and our great fans. To help make this a success it is extremely important to share on social media, email, word of mouth and if you are feeling extra ambitious we included a flyer for our campaign in a link below to hang at your local business. Please check out the GoFundMe link below for some more exciting details that we did not add in this post.

We will be sure to reward those who donate with an exclusive digital download or physical CD before release date, maybe even an exclusive invite to a listening party, or a free entry into our EP release show (still working on the details)!

GoFundMe Link (Please Share):

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Run Away Will Release Digitally On…

April 1st 2016!

No, this is not an April fools joke.

Perry Project‘s newest single titled Run Away will be released exclusively on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and the Google play store on Friday, April 1st.

This new single is a very important step in the band’s new direction musically. It represents the first song with contributions by the 5 new members who were officially added to the project in early 2015.

Run Away was recorded at Humans Win! in Minneapolis, MN. It was produced, engineered and mixed by Taylor Lewin. Run Away was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, NY by Greg Calbi.

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